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The free Ki App features exclusive music, videos, episodes and updates. It’s an interactive look into the world of Ki.

The Story of Ki                  Hear our music
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Become a part of the Ki journey as we create it together in real time
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In the Ki App, we’ll be bringing you:

  • Unreleased Tracks
  • Acoustic Performances
  • Music Videos and Lyric Videos
  • Making of: A look into Ki’s creative process
  • The Ki Show: Ki’s version of a Late Night Talk Show
  • The Ki Files: A behind the scenes narrative
  • Cover Videos
  • Song Commentary
  • ...and so much more!
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Level up and become a Human Ball of Fire!

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Join our Ki Family! Talk directly to the members of Ki and engage with fellow Ki family members from around the world!

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The Ki Family

Create videos and share your experiences and ideas with other Ki Family members

  • image description The more you engage, the more awesome content you get
  • image description Make new friends from around the globe
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